I am a creator and instigator of conceptual (art) installations.
The uncapped beauty of the earth captivates and inspires me.

Artist statement

I am an artist/environmentalist with an active interest in Installation art, Biomimicry (exploring the genius of Nature), renewable energies and sustainable living. I am attracted to arts ability to translate ecological information in a way that is relevant, interesting and accessible to the general public

Prior to completing my degree at the Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) I did Industrial Rope Access (rigging) whilst traveling the UK and Southern Africa. Traveling made me constantly aware of the changing landscapes around me and in trying to find moments of stillness (rest) within the landscape, I re-established a childhood connection with the earth.

These moments installed a fierce environmental awareness within me.

Although I majored in sculpture, my rigging influence remains a strong part of my art making process as I build suspended three dimensional installations; often comprising of the things I collect during my travels (moments, images, objects, and thoughts).

On environmental art

Environmental art is a reflection of each artist's personal point of entry into their own environmental awareness. It reflects what they connect with in nature and what makes them care about the natural world. As such, it has the potential to act as a vehicle for onlookers to remember or discover their own connection with nature; whether it is in the minute details of a leaf or in the quiet stillness of the desert; in awe, wonder, with care, gratitude or concern, environmental art reminds us to actually look at what is happening around us.

With this it hopefully inspires the viewer to spend a little bit more time observing a leaf or enjoying the calmness of open space, because once you have experienced a tangible moment in nature – a moment really connecting with the earth – you cannot help but care!

From here environmental awareness flows naturally...