Work in Progress

In collaboration with Journeyman.

We fall in with the beat; the rhythm of the earth, as we aim to catch each sunrise and sunset. The changing moments between the inbreath and the outbreath of our planet; a point of entry through which to connect with the natural world.

These moments are appreciated and captured to form part of a huge installation towards the end of 2013.

I would appreciate your participation in being aware of a moment.

In this way environmental awareness becomes part of the art-making process and is not left to the end product only.

Commit to experience nature's rhythm for a day and take a photo (cell phone fine) at sunrise and sunset. If you enjoy the experience please continue! and become aware of the beginning and the end of the day.

Email your photo, name and where it was taken to:

"It is about the ephemeral nature of the moment and how there is transparency to it when you realize its fleeting nature. Accept that it will not be here forever and it shines all the brighter! Every day has a sunrise and a sunset and this continued promise is the basis of our small universe here on earth"
- Jaydon (Journeyman)